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Thread: Forthcoming TV programme - Rules of Drinking

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    Default Forthcoming TV programme - Rules of Drinking

    For anyone who missed it on Pete Brown's Blog, this looks interesting:

    The Rules of Drinking

    Timeshift, Series 11 BBC4, 9pm Wednesday 11th January plus repeats (details here)

    Timeshift digs into the archive to discover the unwritten rules that have governed the way we drink in Britain.

    In the pubs and working men's clubs of the forties and fifties there were strict customs governing who stood where. To be invited to sup at the bar was a rite of passage for many young men, and it took years for women to be accepted into these bastions of masculinity. As the country prospered and foreign travel became widely available, so new drinking habits were introduced as we discovered wine and, even more exotically, cocktails.

    People began to drink at home as well as at work, where journalists typified a tradition of the liquid lunch. Advertising played its part as lager was first sold as a woman's drink and then the drink of choice for young men with a bit of disposable income. The rules changed and changed again, but they were always there - unwritten and unspoken, yet underwriting our complicated relationship with drinking.

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    Cheers for that OB , just put it on reminder , Strangley enough we were talking about this very subject down the pub last week
    Theres a Man with a Mullet going Mad with a Mallet in Millets !

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