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I keep a notebook for writing beernotes for the bottles I drink at home. Not all the beers I drink are good. Hereare some of the outtakes...

“...sugary sweetness, little chocolate,cigarette ash. Like weak, shit coffee with too much sugar.”

“Minty, herby but a little like damptowels. Slightly odd, sicky, damp taste. Sweetness but it’s sugary. Floral,lemony, bit cheesy?”

“Light struck. Caramel, ice cream.Shockingly sweet then a woody dryness to it, a lasting mismatched finish ofsweetness and dry/bitter/oak/whisky. It’s not very nice.”

“Cheesy yogurt aroma. Little butter,little burnt, little dry at the end. Lifeless.”

“Blackberries, like fruit pastillesweets. Lasting roasted bitterness and dry hops. Little funky sourness? Or justblackcurranty hops? Port-like, winey, barnyard, like odd, cheap red wine.Something isn’t right.”

I won’t ask for guesses (one might be recogniseable) but I’m sure you’veall had a few bad beers this year to go alongside the good ones. Do you sufferthrough them or chuck them in the drain? I’m a thrower.