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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 11th December 2011)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 11th December 2011)

    Thuck Phat: Oakham Bishops Farewell
    rpadam: Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale
    Old Blue: Inveralmond Lia Fail
    oldboots: Oakham Scarlett Macaw
    gillhalfpint: Stonehenge Eye Opener
    Bucking Fastard: Redemption Big Chief
    aleandhearty: Riverhead Easy River Pale
    Quinno: Project Venus Venus Black
    Pubsignman: Magic Rock/Dark Star Rock Star
    ROBCamra: Green Mill Flavia
    Al 10000: Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Oggwyn Trench: Wye Valley Butty Bach
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    Very quiet week with just the choice of 2:
    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Salopian Furkin Freezin

    Salopian are a fine brewery and Furkin Freezin a fine beer but BOTW goes to the incomparable Oakham Bishops Farewell.

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    The Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale (5% cask version) seems to be particularly good this year.

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    Oakham – Inferno
    Brentwood - Ho Ho Soho
    Rudgate – Auld St. Nick
    Oakham – JHB
    Inveralmond – Lia Fail
    Black Sheep - Golden Sheep
    Artbrew – Hip Hop Green Bullet
    White Horse – Wayland Smithy
    Oakham– Scarlet Macaw

    Inveralmond steals my favour from the Oakhams this wek, with a perfectly balanced 4.7% brew, drunk in the Old Bell in Fleet St.
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    No Ale this week only Two Bottles of Newcastle Brown. Due too working last 7 days on shift.
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    ( We don't stock any Real Ales as theres Just no call for it.)

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    Oakham again for me too, this time it's Scarlett Macaw, a bit different to their usual style but still an excellent beer.

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    Only out once this week since we got back from our brilliant trip to Ypres.

    BOTW goes to Stonehenge Eye Opener.

    Next week will be great as we are off to York for 3 nights from Saturday.
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    Not too many beers passed my lips ,and it appeared a very tasty Slater's Western American Pale Ale in the Sunrunner ,Hitchin would take the award until arriving at Euston station early for a train led to the inevitable trip into the Euston Tap for an excellent Redemption Big Chief ,a very worthy BOTW.

    Boating back through Camden might result in a trip to BrewDog in the coming week,although passing close to The Wenlock could warrant a farewell drink.A bit of a dilemma there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucking Fastard View Post
    Boating back through Camden might result in a trip to BrewDog in the coming week,although passing close to The Wenlock could warrant a farewell drink.A bit of a dilemma there.
    chalk & cheese pubs my vote would be a potential final visit to the wenlock
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    This week's entire beer consumption was in the pleasurable company of Pubsignman, yesterday afternoon. Yet another Sunday crawl around Wakefield's finest. Tried this week:

    Clarks - Barrel of Laughs.
    Ossett - Brigantes Bitter.
    Cottage - Golden Arrow.
    Saltaire - Winter Ale.
    Brew Co - Enigma Stout.
    Itchen Valley - Fagins.
    Riverhead - Easy River Pale.
    Titanic - Iceberg.
    North Cotswold - Winter Solstice.
    Bateman's - Rosy Nosey.
    Empire - Moonraker Mild.
    Fernandes - Challenger.
    WharfeBank - WassAle.
    Fox Beer Co. IPA.
    Wentworth - South Yorkshire Pale.
    Acorn - Old Moor Porter.

    With honorable mentions for the Moonraker and the IPA, it finally came down to a choice between the Old Moor Porter and the Easy River Pale, with the latter just shading it. (P.S. With hindsight PSM, I think you were right, the Winter Solstice was definitely off, nothing to do with Belgian yeast!)
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