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Thread: Buying beer online?

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    Default Buying beer online?

    Hi guys - it's my first post on the forum, so be gentle with me!

    This is part market research, part immediate interest. I've been looking at buying bottled beers online as a gift.

    I was just wondering whether this was something that any of you do? Are there reasons for not taking this route, in terms of cost and quality? I've been looking at a few online beer shops and they do have varied ranges, but I've found that delivery costs are quite expensive. Any advice gratefully received!



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    Hi Keithb, welcome to Pug

    I have never bought beer online, for the reason you give, delivery cost just kills it for me

    Luckily I live near an Asda, Morrison's & Lidl, plus of course the local co-op and I find the ranges offered suit me, perhaps if my tastes were more exotic there could just be reason to buy online

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    Hi Farway,

    Thank you - I appreciate your reply.

    Yes, I guess that maybe the online stores are trying to appeal to those who want beers that they can't source locally. I'm also a fan of the Co-op's selections - they seem to have 3 or 4 different offerings from our (relatively small) local brewery, which is always good news.

    I don't know whether it's just because they have a small outlet here, but Tesco (they have a Tesco Express in the town), seem to offer barely any selection at all. I'm surprised - most of my friends join me in drinking local beers and I would have thought that Tesco are missing a trick.

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    Have you looked at Beers of Europe near Kings Lynn? To most post code areas they charge a flat delivery fee on £7.49. Obviously, the more you order the better value for money you get.

    Other than that, individual breweries tend to offer their own brews via their websites.
    Waes hael!

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