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As those of you with children will know, this week is half term, another week when the delightful little creatures should be at school and aren't and will spend the week getting under your feet. I have a suggestion that may help, and possibly win you some brownie points into the process from 'er indoors.

Why not suggest a trip to Blackpool ?

I know, you think I have finally lost the plot. But bear with me. Leave the little darlings somewhere in Blackpool, I would suggest chained to some railings or the like, and get yourself down to the beer festival at 'The Shovels'. The pub is down the South end of the town, on the B5261, Common Edge Road, which is not far from Squires Gate airport, and easily accessible from the Town Centre by bus. Its yearly beer festivals are legendary, and one of those must visit events in the beer ticking calendar. There are loads of beers on offer, and having seen a beer list, plenty from breweries I have never heard of, coming from near and far. Not all are on together but the selection there should guarantee something unusual whichever day you go. The festival runs all day, all week so there is plenty of opportunity to make the necessary arrangements. You will not be disappointed

If you cannot make it this week then add the pub to your memory bank for places to visit next time you venture to the West Coast. It usually has half a dozen beers on offer, at sensible prices, and a large food menu, and is a vast improvement on the rest of the pubs in the town, even if it is a bit off the beaten track.

Just a hint if do intend to go, and are travelling from Huddersfield by train, go via Halifax. The train is direct and is cheaper than going and changing in Manchester, and there is not much in journey times.