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Afterthe atrocities of Tesco’s in-store marketing, comes Sainsbury’s brilliant GreatBritish Beer Hunt.

It’sa battle between 16 British beers which will see two given a minimum of asix-month listing in Sainsbury’s. It’s something they’ve done before and Ithink it’s a great idea: with people routinely buying the same things eachweek, this shows that there’s more out there than the usual beer choices,especially when they position it differently, make a showcase of it and make abig deal out of it.

Andwhat’s even better? The way they describe the beers. It’s superb. Simple,evocative, informed and inviting tasting notes plus a food suggestion. Add tothis that the bottles they’ve got look good on the shelf and they are 3 for £5and Sainsbury’s deserve a rousing round of applause. Here’s four examples ofthe promotion:

Ihope Tesco are taking note of what effective in-store beer promotion should looklike.

NowI just need to start working my way through the beers. The 16 bottles are: Wild Hop IPA from Harviestoun; CaesarAugustus and Profanity Stout from Williams Brothers; Bishop’s Farewell from Oakham Ales; Wye Not from Wye Valley Brewery; FlyingDutchman Wit Bier from Caledonian; Ivanhoe and Bad King John from RidgewayBrewing; Stronghart from McMullen & Sons; ChurchillAle from Oxfordshire Ales; Golden Seahawk from Cotleigh Brewery; FullBore from Hunter’s Brewery; Two Hoots Golden Ale from JosephHolt; Golden Summer from Wold Top Brewery; Frederic’s Great British Ginger Beer;and Worcester Sorcerer from Sadler’s Ales.

What’s not to bemissed from this list?