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In Sheffield last week we were on our way to the Wellington for a beer or three and happened on a pub that looked bright and attractive. I can't recall its name, but there was a decent enough selection, though the Greene King ownership was clear. Nonetheless we stopped for one, which became two.

The young - well mid twenties - that's young to me - barmaid offered us tasters and to talk us through the beers. Excellent. She chatted amiably to us old guys and then said. "Do any of you know anything about blogging? I'm thinking of starting my own beer blog." I asked her why and she said she had been inspired to do so by a beer tasting by the Beer Beauty that she had attended. So well done her.

I did mention one or two things about the blogging world, but hopefully in a positive way. I do hope she does take it up. She has a degree in English too and in writing, though what sort, I can't remember, so she might well be good. Whatever. We need more female bloggers. Preferably opinionated ones. I believe blogs should be personal and opinionated. That's just a personal opinion though!

OK - I did mention my blog and showed it to her on my smartphone. Wouldn't you have?

And she was a nice lass and works in a pub, has a great attitude to beer and service, so that's good too. We were all impressed.