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I like sparklers and have quite a few of all shapes, colours and sizes, so it is always interesting when a new one comes along.

According to the marketing blurb:

"The Vari-Head is a unique beer sparkler which allows you to tailor the head on hand pulled real ale without having to remove it from the beer engine.

It fits all existing beer engines with no modification, and is made from food grade plastics and 'o' rings and stainless steel screws.

The Vari-Head also increases your Hygiene levels due to the fact that it is operated by the inside of a clean glass not a server's hand."

We all know the sparkler should be compulsory, but here we may just have the perfect solution for those misguided souls that reckon otherwise. I say "maybe", as I'd have to try it out first to be sure, but it should at least be something many pubs in the grim unsparkled part of the country could consider?

I may have to send off for one, but who knows, maybe the company will see this and send me one for some road testing.

The details are here.

Talking of sparklers, if anyone has a working "dog's dick" sparkler they don't want, do let me know. I used to own one, but no idea where it has gone.