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Yesterday, whilst the majority of the Town, or so it seemed, had disappeared over the Pennines, those of us who remained were treated to the first attempts at brewing by Sam at the Sportsman.

On the bar were their first two beers. Alpha Ale, a light 4.3% bitter, and Pigeon Bridge Porter, at 4.7%. And at £2 a pint they were both well received. I had already sampled The Alpha a the Dewsbury beer festival, but I found the condition and the flavour far better in the pub. It was a refreshing beer, may be a little lacking in hop characteristics but still very quaffable, but the real star of the show was the porter. To quote 'Martin the Mildman', and he certainly knows his milds, it was 'a mixture of roast coffee, dark chocolate and burned toast flavours with a hoppy finish', I would not disagree, there was masses of interesting stuff going on in the glass, and all who drank it seemed to be very impresses.

The two beers have been 'cuckoo' brewed at Golcar Brewery but the on site brewery should be up and running shortly and further beers will hopefully come from there, if these two are anything to go by, they should be well worth trying.