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Thread: Torquay

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    Default Torquay

    I am off to Torquay for a long weekend, as it is a naval Reunion I am attending I doubt I will have a lot of time for pubbing, but are there any in general Torquay centre and the western part of town that I really should make an attempt to visit?

    The hotel is on Avenue Road, and from what I can see the the nearest pubs around here have not been reviewed or photographed, example & map

    I have noted yet another Hole in the Wall with high marks, must be something about the name

    So if I can do nothing else a pint there seems a must, if my poor old legs stand the walk

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    We had weekends in Torquay, and the above is worth a look. The Crown & Sceptre is great to wander round. Did Hole in the Wall too. I think the Wetherspoons is Green Ginger or London Inn. Maybe both if one is Lloyds no 1. Should have had a look first before replying really as I must have done reviews on them.
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