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It isn't that usual to come across Fyne Ales beers in this neck of the woods, but last week in the redoubtable Baum I did. Funnily enough when scanning the pump clips I somehow overlooked the Fyne Ales offering, no doubt because I immediately honed in on Mallinsons Europa. (Trust me on this one, Mallinsons are never a bad choice for the lover of pale hoppy beers.) Nonetheless the lovely E is much more considered in these matters and spotted Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack lurking at the end of the bank of pumps and after enquiring after its colour, duly procured a half, remarking as she did that if it was half as good as Jarl, she was in for a treat. Now the Mallinsons was lovely, as they usually are, but the Hurricane Jack was a revelation. A beautifully balanced, hop coated, mouth filling beer of immense drinkability. When my Mallinsons was done, I immediately procured a pint. Gorgeous.

So another two top tips from me. Mallinsons and Fyne Ales. You can't go wrong with either, unless unlike me, you are driving and have to leave after two, when really what was required was a session.