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Thread: What should be included on PG

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpadam View Post
    Quite so, and I have previously put my head above the parapet a few times to advocate listing airside bars (as I believe doing so serves a useful purpose)...
    Definitely useful. And I've started to add directions from the security suite, which might be useful to the time-challenged traveller!

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    See my posts earlier or elsewhere about usefulness of Airport bar listing. Further support for what might be termed "museum pubs", eg specific pub recreations in museum premises, of which I have enjoyed a number. Quite agree that they should be clearly shown as inside a paid admission area, but they are undeniably pubs (and often better than those nearby!). But, as for airport bars, the usefulness is in knowing that they are there and worth visiting (or not!).
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    This is why i raised the issue - again!

    I don't mind an airport bar, a museum pub, a club or hotel going on, as long as the RESTRICTED ACCESS is mentioned in an accompanying review (in other words SOMEONE has actually been there). Just putting them on to get another picture on the site isn't enough for this kind of place, whereas it clearly is for a general pub.

    The GBG say that entry to a club is free if you carry a CAMRA card - great, you know you can go if either a member of the club, or a CAMRA member.

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    Well put Soupy. I will second that.
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