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After meeting the Chairman of the CAMRA Review Group yesterday we needed a little refreshment, so nipped into the Bank (Nicolsons) for some beer. I chose unwisely, but that was the triumph of hope over experience, so my own fault. I've never found a Rudgate beer yet that I like, though it may well be that Rudgate beers just don't agree with me in some way. None of this is the point though, as I want to mention customer service.

The pub was almost empty, but the bar staff were exemplary. "Our" young barmaid in particular was cheerful and attentive, with samples happily offered (I still bought that blasted Rudgate though) and banter exchanged. She chatted to us old fogies and made us feel wanted in the pub. Unbidden, when she heard us discussing Stella Black which was available, she darted over with a taster and mentioned it was on offer. I remarked on her cheerfulness and she replied simply "This is my job, I might as well enjoy it!" Refreshing.

Now the real reason I mention her, is that this isn't the first time this lass has treated this customer so well. Earlier in December she was just as attentive and professional when I was there with a different mate and she was the same with all her customers both then and yesterday. Well done I'd say and a pleasure to encounter customer service at its best.

I thought the Stella Black to be not that bad actually, but it was only a taster.