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Here we go, the first Twissup of 2011 will take place on Saturday 26th February. It’s our regular drink-a-thon around a new place with beer bloggers, tweeters, brewers, pub managers and many more. We’ve done Sheffield, Burton and Manchester/Huddersfield, now the next one is up to everyone to decide on the location.

Andy and I have listed five places. If you want to attend then sign up and vote below. We will go to the place with the most votes, as simple as that (and then the others stay in the list for next time, plus maybe a couple more... Aberdeen or Edinburgh, Cardiff...).

We haven’t arranged anything for any of the places yet but we’re sure we can find enough pubs and beer to keep us happy in each town. Once we know where we’re going then we’ll start planning the day and arranging pubs and breweries.

Get voting, this is only open until Sunday 9th January. And save the date now: 26th February, we’re getting twissed!
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