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It is an exciting time for cooking lager enthusiasts. Xmas always brings out the bargains. Tesco currently have the 3 boxes for £20 offer on. Top stuff for Xmas. Becks, Carling, Carlsberg all feature. Remember cooking lager enthusiasts, I think we are not only stocking up for Xmas, but next year also. VAT is due to rise and whether stores absorb that rise and cut margin or pass it on will no doubt depend on trading conditions. Best be safe than sorry. Fill the garage with enough lout to last till summer.

For the cooking lager curious that are still wedded to pricier fair, Have a look in at Sainsbury’s. Meantime Wheat £1 a bottle, Fullers ESB 2 for £3, London Pride £1 a can if you buy 8, Leffe £2.49 a big bottle are just some of the offers to keep you out of the pub.

Xmas is also the time of year you buy grog for guests rather than yourself. Sainsbury’s look good here to. The wine & spirits offers will keep Aunty Marge in G&T’s and the squeeze in white wine. There is no excuse for mulled wine or egg nog. Just say no. Dressing up mulled wine as “Glühwein” doesn’t make it any better. It’s just cheap and nasty red wine warmed up with spices to mask the flavour. Just say no. You can buy a decent Merlot for the same price they flog that rot for. Same with egg nog, snowballs or any other nasty concoction. The only legitimate excuse for drinking such a thing is when all the other booze at the party has run out. Even then you’re better off heading home than hitting it.

Xmas, it’s not just a time for turkey and running along the supermarket aisle shouting “I can’t find bread sauce or cranberry sauce, will raspberry jam, do?” It’s a time for stocking up with enough cheap lager to drown an Elephant in. You know it makes sense.