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Tortilla, a London-based chain of burrito cafes, have started selling some decent American beer — Goose Island IPA, Brooklyn lager, Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

I’m a fan of their places anyway (the Market Place outlet round the corner from Oxford Circus is a good place to refuel if you want something quick, not too dirty and cheapish) and so this has me quite excited. Brooklyn lager is a lovely accompaniment to fiery beans and rice.

What’s more, it’s refreshing to see somewhere like this understanding the need for good beer, rather than just beer that goes with the Mexican theme. *(Though you can still get Corona, Dos Equiis and so on.)

It’s also exciting because we know from reading blogs that many people have got into good beer (including cask ale) through one of these consistently good American bestsellers.

We’ve blogged before about how Brooklyn should be perfect for the London market, with its cool packaging and, more importantly, distinct and full flavour. We’re definitely seeing it a lot more in pubs, clubs and off-licences, which can only be a good thing for promoting quality beer in general.