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Thread: Pub photography milestone

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpadam View Post
    I'm not sure I'll catch you!
    I'm pretty sure you will!

    I'm on 11,661 but for the first time I have a substantial backlog of photos to add, partly because of too many trips back to back leaving me with little time to sort them out, but also because I've been doing quite a lot of photos on WhatPub and its successor, which is quite a bit more time consuming than Pubs Galore (for a number of reasons I won't go into here).

    I'm doing a trip next week which is partly based on the map of pubs without photos, so I'm hoping to create a few more blank areas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sheffield hatter View Post
    Well done to Richard for reaching 10K pubs photographed on this site. Not sure that this one will have been the 10,000th, but it will have to do. Great achievement.
    Excellent stuff! Keep it going until I get back in action...
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