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This evening at 6pm, the doors open on Huddersfield's long awaited Camra beer festival, titled the 'Oktoberfest', it is to be held in the same venue as last year, the Sikh Leisure Centre in Springwood. But sadly without one of the doyen of the festival after the untimely death of Dave Charlesworth at the end of last year.

The beer list was published yesterday and provides just over 90 beers for the visitor to sample. Many are local to the Town, or should I say, 'Locale'. With offerings from Golcar, Mallinsons, Empire, Brass Monkey, and Anglo Dutch, to name but a few. Golcar give us their Bronze award winning mild from the GBBF, along with the overall winner from there, Castle Rock 'Harvest Gold'. Mallinsons provide 2 regulars and 2 specials, one in memory of 'Charlie' and most of the others provide new beers to the town.

What of beers from further afield? This year has a plethora of beers from East Anglia, many breweries rare to these parts. Buffys, Opa Hays, Green Jack, and Tydd Steam all appear. There are also plenty of beers from the North Midlands, with the list showing Blue Monkey, Derby and Magpie amongst others.

If that is not enough to tempt you then there are also over 20 ciders and perrys available. Coming from producers far and wide, including our own 'Udders Orchard' the organisers have managed to source some interesting ciders for our delectation.

If you get chance, take a look, it goes on all day Friday and Saturday, for a £3 admission fee. It looks well worth a visit, I will certainly be there.