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That makes sense, but shouldn't it be publicised more widely? This thread is - on the face of it - limited to people who were interested in Cambridge this autumn, and who took part in the vote.

How many others are likely to view it?

Interesting idea! But are you suggesting this as a "late winter/early spring" crawl, to make up for the missing autumn, and with a normal spring one later on (in April, maybe?).

Or maybe pushing our usual April/Spring crawl back to May or even June?

Sorry if I seem critical, but these seem to me to be difficult decisions for people to be making on a forum like this, without the informal discussion, the flow, and the give & take, of a face to face meeting.

Perhaps we should just drop the autumn crawl for this year only, and start planning for a spring crawl as we would have done if autumn had taken place.
It was a great shame that the proposed crawl in Cambridge has fallen by the wayside. I was just trying to move things along but you are correct that the next PuG crawl should have it's own thread for as wide a discussion as possible..