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Any recommendations for the line through to Stockport? It's a nice little scenic route but never stopped anywhere midway myself.
I've copied this across from a different thread.

The Buxton line goes from Manchester Piccadilly to Buxton via Stockport, the relevant section from Stockport having 11 stations, if we include the terminus in Buxton.

I don't suppose anyone has ever described Davenport, Woodsmoor or Hazel Grove as scenic. There are quite a few pubs, mostly lining the A6.

Next stop is Middlewood. This used to have a station on two lines, at right angles on different levels, the upper one being closed but now in use as a walking or cycling route. I went to the Boars Head in Upper Poynton, an easy walk from the station. A cycle ride takes you almost effortlessy to Bollington, which has some possibles, including four that have not been reviewed for this site. I went to The Holly Bush in June, and it was a little underwhelming. Ian Mapp liked The Vale Inn, as did Aqualung, and so did I nine years ago. (Have you got a bike? ) In the opposite direction along the disused railway line is the A6 in High Lane, with a handful of pubs. The Bulls Head is about a mile away, or an alternative route on a footpath and the canal towpath is pleasanter.

Disley is the next station, and there are some choices here. Quite a pleasant village strung out along the A6, with a micro and a posh-looking hotel-cum-dining pub. The White Horse was disappointing. At the other end of the village is The White Lion, which was just about to change hands when I visited just over three years ago, so needs a new review.

New Mills Newtown has no open pubs nearby, but a shortish walk into New Mills throws up some possibilities, though to be honest I wouldn't call any of them a "must-visit". (The best way into the centre of New Mills is along the main road then left on Wirksmoor Road to the Rock Tavern - beware: Google maps has misplaced the map point but Pubs Galore is correct - and then even if it's not open you have the options of the Shrub Club and the Rock Mill brewery tap. Even if one or more are not open, the scenery in the gorge of the River Goyt is worth the trip to see.)

Furness Vale has one pub near the railway that needs reviewing, and another on the A6 which I found disappointing four years ago but Rob Hunter gave it a favourable review a year later.

Whaley Bridge looks promising, and my visit to the The Shepherds Arms Inn was ok, but when I put my head around the door of the pub near the station I didn't see or hear anything that I liked so walked out again.

Chapel-en-le-Frith is quite a pleasant town, but the station is a mile out of town in what feels like the middle of nowhere. Possibly a better option is to use the bus from Furness Vale or Whaley Bridge instead. The micro was pretty good when I visited four years ago (and Richard gave it a thumbs up last year too).

All the pubs in Dove Holes have closed down.