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I was surprised that the Tap was open as I passed at 11:00 when I was up for the lpool game (dunno whether they do that if expecting early Sunday custom), as was the Brunswick (10am) which didn't have an inspired selection but was handy for an early meet. Can't think what else might be open 10-11.
Just please don't have Villa turning in any sort of performance which might herald the end of the world if things are still potentially on-track in mickey-mouse-land... the nation will never hear the last of it, plucky little run-on-a-shoestring underdogs, my arse!

ps. the transport to the stadium is ridiculous, lucky if you can get on a tram (seemingly reduced on match day!) and traffic can be chokka if taking a cab. We just walked it last time, last pre-match beer was at Cask
Well it is still all to play for tomorrow! I can only see you beating us to be honest but you never know, stranger things have happened. Come on the Villa!!