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The export trade in Porter to India appears to have been very resilient. I hadn't remembered seeing one so late.

Yes, I'm back in full didactic mode. About to explain all the minutiae of this Barclay Perkins beer.

This one:

EI. You may have heard me mention that before. Export India Porter. I've seen loads of examples, all through the 19th century. Slightly better grist - some amber, maybe - fair bit more hops. But same OG as the standard Porter, TT.

The gravity of this beer - 1063.5 - was a good bit higher than a Porter's of the period.

Someone requested I explain brewing logs more. I thought I'd already done it a couple of times. Mind you, I couldn't find all of the posts last time I looked. Where would you like me to start on this one? The ingredients, perhaps?

Here you go:

HB - Hertfordshire brown malt
HA - Hertfordshire amber malt
R - roasted malt
Eng - English pale malt
Sacc. No. 2 - No.2 invert sugar

Hallertau 10 - 1910 Hallertau hops
EK 10 - 1910 East Kent hops
Sonoma 09 - 1909 hops from, I suppose, California
EK 09 - 1909 East Kent hops

Simple, eh?

You can also see the blend of gyles, the OG and the volume in the fermenter in the detail above. Yield, hops per barrel and hops per quarter, too.

That good for starters?