The Carlton Tavern has just a single entry on here, for both the demolished pub and the rebuilt one, whereas WhatPub has separate entries for each of them. I've no axe to grind with that, but the entry on here has only a single link to the demolished pub WhatPub entry. I did try to add the link to the newly rebuilt pub, but unsurprisingly the system wouldn't let me do that. Ideally, I would prefer there to be links to both of the WhatPub entries, perhaps labelled "demolished" and "rebuilt". I don't know whether the dwarves have that facility? - but if not and only a single WhatPub link is allowed then I would suggest that the link should be to the rebuilt pub. I attempted to delete the "demolished pub" link so that I could add the "rebuilt pub" link, but it wouldn't let me do that either.

I wonder if one of the dwarves might be able to help regarding this?