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Hello folks - am now on my old laptop and new keyboard - and it has taken me two hours to log in! But am alive, reasonably well, and once again actually here!
So am happy to confirm I have not in fact, been stolen by satanists or dark arts purveyors, or indeed many innumerable such factions. Thankfully am simply referring to my sudden - ish - movement into dark beers. Stouts, porters, imperial stouts, less so Black IPAs. I know that you may legitamately think I only drink cloudy pale ales, and I admit that I largely do, but over Christmas I ordered a much larger number of stouts. And, worse still, I also tried and enjoyed, beers from the horror that is Thornbridge. Shudder......
Indeed, presently am enjoying a Vocatoin Affogato coffee and vanilla imperial stout, and I have two bottles of Nerd Brew at above 10% in front of me, along with an LHG stout. And I have to admit that I am really enjoying them. I know that some stouts "these days" have a modicum of delicious hops in them but I truly and very much enjoy them.
I have also got into wild ales, including the dark versions of the same - wild ales, brewed with wild yeasts and other adjuncts, are a new ish style to myself but have really enjoyed them - the Trillium Fated Farmer on fruits beginning with A or similar was stupendously easy to drink. And, to be fair, it really ought to be at that strength and price.....
Thornbridge? Well, I ordered two versions of Jaipur X, a double Green Mountain DIPA and a bottle of Necessary Evil, a strong, Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. And yes, despite my none hatred filled torysim, heinous spiteful reluctance to accept the rights of the poor or disabled ( and others ), I admit that I enjoyed them all - especially the necessary evil. Which, given their involvement in or at best linkage to A 4 E ( Absoluteley for Exploitation ), I naturally worry that this toe dipping in the sump of vile hateful sewage that they so obviously are, will send me down to hell/. Hence the title......
Lastly, and vaguely related to the tittle, am sorry to inform readers, specifically those who may not be friends with me on Friendache, that at Christmas Wee Fatha passed away. Me and WK visited him with gifts on Christmas Eve and found him dead.
It's noticable that Dad not only got me into National Inventory pubs ( the Colliers Arms at Mossley being my first such visit) but also into whisky and later on to the delights of Kilchoman on the isle of Islay.
He was buried on Friday 22nd January and on Burns Night on the Monday after (another Wee Fatha influence) I cut the haggis and raised a large dram of Kilchoman Machair Bay to him in his honour.
Hopefully I will now be able to blog more regulaly again - not least as the vaccine benefits take hold.
In the meantime I wish you all the very best of health.

Wee Beefy