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A quick call in the Kings Head, (why do I still want to call it the Station Tavern ?), yesterday revealed a bar full of beer to tempt any beer drinker, but passing over the Bradfield 'Farmers Blonde' and 'Hophead' from Dark Star, I went for the single hopped Pictish 'Citra'.

If you are unfamiliar with the brewery, they are based in Rochdale and have been brewing there for around 10 years. Their 'Brewers Gold' is a regular in the Star and often a guest in the Rat. Richard, the brewer, often brews single hop variety beers, 'Citra' is the latest of these, and one not to be missed.

Light and hoppy, with plenty of fruit background from the hop, more towards grapefruit or melon I found, Citra is an American hop that I am sure we will be seeing plenty more of in the future. I have already encountered Roosters and Ossett brewing with it and when other brewers realise its attributes I am sure others will follow suit.