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In what we hope may be a useful addition to the blog, we are having a beer of the day. This will be selected from the pubs around the town, and will be, in the eyes of the editors, the best beer, or most interesting beer we have encountered that day. It will not be updated every day, but fairly regularly, in order to give those who are unfamiliar with the beer or not able to visit all the pubs a pointer as to where to find something interesting or unusual to drink. Let us know what you think. Is it a good idea ? Is it worthwhile for you ?

The intention is to try to find a beer that may last more than one session, so that the entry is not obsolete before anyone reads it, but that is in the lap of the drinkers. Obviously, if we think its good, then hopefully others will too, so it is possible that it may have run off before the reader samples it.

There is the possibility too, that our tastes do not match yours, so we apologise in advance for recommending anything you may not like. I have even recommended beer that Will did not like before so even we are not exempt from having different tastes, (I still think the 'Sparrowhawk' was excellent, but I have never lived it down !!). We do not drink in every pub every day either, so our selection will come from the pubs we have visited that day, but the choice of pubs will vary to give a wide range of beer to choose from.

Anyway, less of the rambling and onto the beer of yesterday. The Grove had a new Thornbridge on offer.'Odells Colarado Red' weighed in at 5.9% and lived up to its claim of being a 'massively hopped red ale'. A quick check on their website revealed it was brewed in collaboration with an American craft brewer who has hopped it with no less than 5 English hops, including unusual ones such as Phoenix and Admiral, and it has an interesting malt background from the speciality malts he has used. Worth worth a look.