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Thread: Premier League Prediction Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by trainman View Post
    Coz he's running away with that too!
    And the F1!

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    Thanks for noticing my current 3rd place. I've been hoping that I could hold onto a top 10 place by the season end but results seemed to be going against me. Had a decent week last week and climbed a couple of places. There are about five of us all within a point of each other so a few bad picks and I could be crashing out of the top 10.

    Quote Originally Posted by trainman View Post
    Can we see how the PG pool is performing against others? We may have to jog soupy into action for an end of season group push.
    I can't see that our pool has a ranking. I think that function has only been added for recent competitions

    Quote Originally Posted by trainman View Post
    What I do know, is that half my players represent teams with no fixture this coming 'gameweek' and I now have to decide whether to lose 4 points on a 3rd transfer, or play with 10 men. The way it's been going, I'll probably keep those 4 points in the bank...
    Wrong Thread but - Be aware that those teams who are NOT playing this gameweek (Fulham, Bolton, Stoke, Wolves and Man City I think) all (except Man City) have two games next gameweek. So hold onto them and stick them on your bench if you can. Also be aware that although those five teams don't have a game this week there are three teams who have two games. Those are Chelsea, Arsenal and Birmingham, so get their players in if you can. Sometimes it's worth taking a points hit to remove someone who isn't a guaranteed starter for someone who has a chance of playing twice.

    By the way, in the Fantasy Football comp our PG league is in around 52k place out of around 223k leagues, so pretty good. Not sure how they work that out, average points I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trainman View Post
    Is everyone taking a free crack at Sky Super 6 for the weekly £5000?
    I'm bumping this while I think about it.
    It's free to enter, season winner gets £100,000, weekly winner gets £5000 (or £100k if getting all 6 scores correct). The pot was won this season with 43 points (just shows how hard score predictions are, even with 6 attempts each week), I had 33.
    A friend has just called to check my sky sports account as he heard those with 30+ points won £30. Yep, £30 was credited to my a/c 04May. Nice one!

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