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These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH Collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.
LUKE ROBERTSON READ.// “The difference is that with Untappd, the photos tend to focus a bit more on tables or desks where users place the bottle, and that they might be taken by slightly inebriated users a bit more often. They include desktops, documents and plane tickets, but they also feature military hardware from time to time. Below are pictures taken at military installations.” This is a Bellingcat investigation on how Untappd data can be used to track military movements and potentially identify state secrets.
LOOK.// Having “The Last Dance” withdrawal? Check out this 2010 Peabody-Award-winning documentary about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.
DRINK.// Wayward Brewing’s Midnight Barley Cowboy Hopped Porter
If I'm honest, nitro cans don't usually do it for me. Neither do Hoppy Porters. But here I am, drinking a tasty Hoppy Porter out of a nitro can. Citrus and mandarin hop flavors blend with dark chocolate and coffee notes, and smooth carbonation. I'd be happy to have three more.
LILY WAITEREAD.// “I got washed out to sea by life, and unable to swim back to shore, had withdrawn, shut down and given up. I came down from Birmingham to see friends and to search for citrus.” This meaningful love-letter to various citrus fruits by Matt O'Callaghan for new food newsletter Vittles is an engrossing glimpse of the power of food and its restorative qualities.
LOOK.// Barbora Mrazkova's photography makes my heart hurt at the best of times. Today, when I'm pining for something familiar and stimulating, this gut-wrenchingly carefree photograph of a lazy London afternoon makes me ache for closeness and frivolity.
DRINK.// Allagash WhiteWhen my GBH colleague Samer messaged me out of the blue (well, presumably as a response to my many tweets bemoaning its lack of availability in the U.K.) offering to send me some Allagash White, I jumped at the chance. I cracked a can a couple days ago, and was immediately transported to New York last autumn, when I first tracked it down. What more is there to say besides how perfect it is?
MARK SPENCE READ.// “Frank Sinatra is the only other artist to have captured album of the year three times, (in 1959, 1965 and 1966) and Wonder did it over a four-year span. The one year he wasn’t eligible, he still found his name in the conversation. In a famous joke, Paul Simon, who won the award in 1975 for Still Crazy After All These Years, said, ‘I’d like to thank Stevie Wonder, who didn’t release an album this year.’” The music world has lost several giants over the past few months: Bill Withers, John Prine, and Little Richard (among others). Every time one of these icons dies, I always think, “I hope Stevie Wonder's OK.” Justin Tinsley's piece on Stevie Wonder puts into context Stevie's work, life, talent, and what he means to America.
LOOK.// As I shelter at home, and resist leaving my immediate surroundings, I feel my appetite for travel growing. Recently, I have started putting Wanderlust Travel in the background as I work from home. The sounds and visuals of this YouTube channel haven't cured me of my recent addiction to travel, but for now, they serve as an adequate methadone.
DRINK.// Pascal Janvier’s 2016 Jasnières Cuvée du Silex
Wine has helped keep me sane during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Pascal Janvier's 2016 Jasnières Cuvée du Silex has been one of my favorite discoveries so far. Its soft, delicate, and floral flavors helped provide some needed relief during this stressful time.
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