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am willing to admit that after a short period without luffly bowze, today's delivery from Bar Stewards (and with the help of the lovely Laura and Anthony), may have stemmed a worryingly early desire to spout praise about "just another" boohar. But to be fair, the reviews on Ratebeer, for what that is worth, are very high, and even though am only just finishing my first ever beer from them, I have to join the melee of praise and compliments myself. So what do I know about Arpus?

Well, firstly, the letter A should have a small line above it, similar to an Umlaut, but only because I know the name of that. Secondly, the folk making this glorious potation are based in Latvia - a country which I have both never been to, or tried beers from. I did pop on their website and Friendache pages quickly, but apart from finding out that they chose Arpus as the name of their escapade in beer because it was a local or at least Latvian word, am not sure where they are all from. For example, The Donkey brewery on Santorini (now called Santorini Brewing Co or such...) produce excellent beers, and this may stem from the number of nationalities involved in the beer's production. Regarding Arpus am happy to confirm that my lack of knowledge of such facts does not reduce my appreciation of their output.

Am trying a can of DDH Nelson IPA, a worryingly easy to drink, and thankfully easy to enjoy, soup of Nelson Sauvin hops, unless there has recent;y been a new hop called Nelson, which I have missed. As with many new (to me) breweries I am happy to report that it may be the addition of oats into the beer, and perhaps its combination with the wheat used, which makes this beer so very easy to drink. Its also described (answering my previous question) as a double dry hopped Nelson Sauvin IPA. There is, in reality, very much to anticipate enjoying.

The other beer of theirs that I have but have not yet tried, is another DDH IPA this time with Nelson and Citra - as a proven Citra fiend I am saving that until later in the next week to treat myself to. Unless I drink it tonight.... I also saw that they produce an NE DIPA at 8% or so which of course I would very much like to try. With just a third of a pint of this left am willing to claim that the blend of flavours has settled superbly, and even though it has slightly warmed up, am not remotely disappointed.

I have to say that when I poured it I was initially worried about the strength of sweetness in the aroma - but I was immediately calmed by the simplicity of the ingredients, the fact that its double dry hopped, and also it's soup like appearance. Possibly due to the use of Nelson Sauvin, and oats, its also reassuringly more orangey than some UK brews I have tasted for the first time - exactly the right colour to persuade appreciation. Am not suggesting for a moment that I don't like pale beers of course, because as a fan of, what it pains me to describe as "craaft" based on the assumptions of others I have to admit - I realise that does come with an emphasis on the joy of pale. And this delivers a lot of joy in that, and numerous other, areas..

Looking at their list of products, whilst admitting an appreciation of certain hop types in DDH and similar beers, I have to say that I am very much looking forward to finding more of their treats in other venues here in fine sunny Sheffield.

In the meantime - if you spot some - I would suggest you buy it!


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