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Of course it's not OK to take photos of pubs, you won't be able to get the right quality.

There's not enough people around, so you can't get an identifiable person walking into the shot.

You won't be able to get a passing delivery van partially covering the pub.

There's nowhere near enough bollards and red & white plastic fencing around to ensure your angle of shot gets most of it in.

I suppose you could try putting Vaseline on the lens of your camera to ensure it looks like its been taken out of a dirty bus window.

A couple of people appear to have been using this trick for a while now.

So no STOP TAKING PHOTOS OF PUBS at least until lockdown eases.
Just submitted a photo of this place (what? a wine bar, on a site named Pubs Galore?! I hear you all cry...) and realised that there was a reflection of myself in my nice pink jumper in one of the windows, so had to go for a 'Take 2'.