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Pentrich Brewing are a bit of a strange one for me - not least because I have noticed that in the last two years they have improved their output considerably. But the situation where I first came across them is more interesting, as it involves more uncertainty and much later, rejoicing.....

I first blogged about Pentrich following an end of March wander I took in 2013. It was the last place I supped - that is, the Miner's Standard above Winster, before our lengthy and snow heavy traipse across Bonsall Moor - you can see the details here in my April 2013 post . When I got back home I did some research on the same and found the info quite confusing - they appeared to either be a cuckoo brewery based in Derbyshire or some unseemly underworld supplier of drinks in the same. Either way I did not see much of them - apart from a reference in a planned but never carried out pub crawl in Derbyshire and Sheffield of all pubs called the Devonshire Arms - which went near where they may have been based.

In the last year or so hops have been a feature, as has their inclusion in the mesmerising list of excellent brews on cask in my second home, the Shakespeares. I may even have tried one of their super hoppy and soup like cloudy IPAs at my birthday last year. Their renown for excellent soups has since grown and this, along with a number of other events, has seen their output at Shakespeares regularly. Today, I also finally got to try my first ever Pentrich can.......

This conveniently allowed me chance to view their website and also to find out that they had opened a tap in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, called the Duke of Sussex. Have a look at their wares Here. It doesn't alas, list their DIPA's but I am pleased to tell you that I am currently enjoying their Dream Tempo IIPA at 8.3%, very much!

Its important to clarify that despite my often mockery of CAMRA and brown bitters, and my creation of the phrase "Cask from the past" which, in certain circumstances at least, can be requested using processes stemming from the Dove from Above, that I do not insist that all beer looks like soup. I would have to admit though. that said slush is very much far easier to drink. I remember drinking a 7.4% or similar beer on cask, likely from Titanic, in the nineties, and thinking that I was glad I had only ordered a half - strong beer does not have to be hard work at all, as proven by Magic Rock Bearded Lady on keg when that came out in 2012. Beer is to be drunk, not hiked around the mouth feel and strained into the gullet.

I got my can of Pentrich from Dronfield Beer Stop recently and I have to say I like the products they sell - always a pleasure to go on a company website and select a number of potentially, and thus far seamlessly - excellent products from the world of brewing.

Long may the output and excellence of this fine Derbyshire Brewery continue!


Wee Beefy