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I don't know how anyone could not rate their beers. I think it's more that most people never come across them. I remember drinking their Ebulum 6.5% (elderberry ale) in the Southampton Arms in Gospel Oak/Kentish Town about 10 years ago, and March of the Penguins in Remedy in Stockport in 2017. Apart from that, I can't remmeber seeing their beers on the bar except in Scotland or Berwick on Tweed.

When I mentioned Williams Bros to the owner of one of my local micropubs, he just gave me a blank look. Strangely, the only beer of theirs I don't think much of is Fraoch, the heather beer that got them started in 1988. (Too sweet for me, I guess.)
Have had 14 beers from Williams who regularly sent beers to London but not seen them for a while.Strangely enough my favourite is Fraoch.I had Ebulam which I found rather sweet and dull (probably keg)at the Berlin Beer Fest where Williams had a stall.Decent brewer but no great beers imo.