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The Black Beers of Barclay Perkins get very confusing during the war. This parti-gyle – ostensibly of LS and IBS – is betrayed in its primings record to contain seven different beers.

Exactly how they achieved this, I’m unsure. Especially as one of the beers mentioned is TT, Barclay’s Porter. I can imagine how you could conjure up the other beers through blending and priming, but how do you get one as weak as TT?

Should you want the bottling version of LS, just throw in an extra 0.25 lbs of No. 3 invert sugar. Based on a later brew of BS, the primings are again the difference. It looks like LS with enough primings to raise the effective OG to 1046º.

Not sure how you’d get TT, RNS or SBS. I know the primings but not the underlying blend of LS and IBS.

As was usual with Barclay’s Stouts, there are lots of elements to the recipe. Four malts, two adjuncts and three sugars. Roast barley – atypically for London brewers – provides the dark roast element.

1940 Barclay Perkins LS
mild malt 4.00 lb 40.98%
brown malt 0.50 lb 5.12%
amber malt 1.00 lb 10.25%
crystal malt 60 L 0.50 lb 5.12%
roast barley 1.00 lb 10.25%
flaked rice 1.00 lb 10.25%
lactose 0.25 lb 2.56%
No. 3 invert sugar 1.50 lb 15.37%
caramel 1000 SRM 0.01 lb 0.10%
Fuggles 105 mins 1.00 oz
Fuggles 60 mins 0.75 oz
Fuggles 30 mins 0.75 oz
OG 1043
FG 1015
ABV 3.70
Apparent attenuation 65.12%
IBU 31
SRM 32
Mash at 142º F
After underlet 149º F
Sparge at 172º F
Boil time 105 minutes
pitching temp 60.5º F
Yeast Wyeast 1099 Whitbread ale