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Last night, those present in The Star at Lockwood were treated to one of those rare events. A bit like Haleys Comet, or Preston Guild, but probably more satisfying. We had two Mallinsons beers on the bar at the same time !!

First to come on was the 4th in their Viaduct series,'Oxspring DC', a 4.1% beer which I believe is their take on an American Ipa and very drinkable it was too. Like most of the brewery's beers it was light and hoppy and packed with flavour, and unfortunately very moreish. Soon it was the only beer that seemed to be going through the pumps.

I must not have been watching very closely though, as another beer ran off and this was replaced by 'Hit for Six' which weighed in at 3.9% and was even lighter. A brilliant session bitter. And ,of course, very moreish as well. It could have been a very long night !!

Hopefully, both beers will still be on the bar for a further chance to compare and contrast today, but I am not optimistic. The only consolation is that yet another Mally's beer is on the ,taunting pole' so we have 'Wipe Out' to look forward to in the next few days, along with a couple of Pictish also waiting in the wings. And that is without the beer festival that starts on Wednesday. It could be a challenging week for the local beer drinkers !!