A big hello to everyone, I apologise if this is not the appropriate section of the forum.

We are a London based startup developing a Pub ordering app and are looking for early testers.

Short description of the app:
We offer a Mobile app (Android and iOS), branded with your Pub logo, slogan and contact information which is easily installable from Play/Apple store. You get a new App on Apple and Play store which is specific for your Pub.
Customers will be able to view the menu, order and pay for food and drinks and much more.
Pub owners will be able to notify all app users with latest news, offers and promotions. The app will also offer some other features that can help grow your business.
Everything is managed through a easy to use back office.

All early testers will get the App absolutely free with no setup costs and no monthly costs for the first year and will also be able to influence the development of new features to a certain extent.

As we are still in closed beta, we will share more information directly with pub owners who would like to test our App.

Please let us know if you are interested, so we can get in touch.