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Well, its the morning after the afternoon before, if that makes any sense, and no doubt around the country plenty of people will be nursing sore heads as they recover from watching England's debacle on Sunday.

Does this now mean a return to normality? Did all the flags outside houses and on cars bring success? And did all those beers named in honour of England's expected triumph work? It changed nothing of course but I bet there are plenty of breweries with beer in the cool rooms awaiting renaming!

What did I think of the beers that I came across for the World Cup? Not much actually. But had they not been named after England they would have come out under other names anyway. No one will sit and brew a beer intentionally for the World Cup, I am sure that they did it the other way round. Brewed a beer and then found a World Cup theme to fit it.

I have been to pubs whose beer was from different breweries but named after competing countries, with pump clips merely in different shirt colours along with the brewery and abv on the clip and I have been to festivals where the majority of beers have been named in honour of the event. I have lost count of the number of times I have thought, I am sure I have had this beer before, is it a rebadge ?

I, for one, will be glad to get back to normal. Even though after so much hype, I cannot remember what normal is. Lets go to pubs where the main attraction is the beer and the craic, not the big screen telly. I wonder how many pubs have prolonged their survival on the back of custom coming to watch the games? And how many will now fold? I can name one already!

Despite everything though, I am sad to see England go out. But all is not lost. England's cricketers are giving the Aussies a good seeing to, and Andy Murray remains in Wimbledon. May be some of those beers waiting for names could be renamed for something we are successful at.

If you want a quick chuckle, this was overheard in a certain pub yesterday - one that does not open Mondays.

Man 1 to barman - "It's quiet here this afternoon, where is everyone?"

Barman - " They are all watching the England game"

Man 2 - " You should have asked them to play tomorrow when you're closed".