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Here's a new one to me in the recent cash vs card developments.

I'm currently in The Merchant - a Fuller's pub in London's Docklands. I ordered a pint of Mallinson's Amarillo and one of my eyebrows did its best Roger Moore impersonation when I was asked for £6 for the privilege. Whilst rooting around for the money, the barmaid, who was oblivious to my fumblings (story of my life...) held out the card machine only to be taken aback when I proferred cash (a five-pound note and a £2 coin). An awkward 15-20 seconds of her tapping on the EPOS machine ensued after which she said "five pounds" and gave me back the coin. When I asked why I got the "refund" she told me it was cheaper as I'd paid by cash! I couldn't see any 'minimum card' transaction signs anywhere.

The Amarillo was in fine form, but then again, I'd expect that for £5...
Beggars belief.