As winter sets in and the beer garden empties out, it can be increasingly difficult to pull in the crowds. Discounts and daily deals can bring in business but they can cut into your bottom line. If you're looking for a low-cost solution, then consider the humble pub quiz. From just £1.75 a week, those dreaded quiet week nights could transform into bustling tables and, most importantly, rounds at the bar!

At Instant Quizzes, we can offer quizzes for every need and whim - whether you prefer a straight-forward General Knowledge quiz, want to spice it up with Subject Rounds, like to make things interesting with Connection Rounds, Wipeout Quizzes and Picture Rounds, or really throw things out of the box with our unique Smell Quizzes, we've got something for everyone.

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Quiz Packs
Including Quiz Night, 5-Round Subject Packs, Mixed Bag Quizzes, Bumper Quiz Packs and Mini Quizzes.

Picture Quizzes
With Pic n Mix Quizzes, Place the Face Quizzes, Food and Drink Quizzes, Entertainment Quizzes, and Handout Quizzes to name just a few categories.

Quiz Questions
Specialist rounds including Who Am I quizzes, Wipeout Quizzes, On This Day Quizzes, 10-Question Subject Rounds and more!

Fun Quizzes
A great bunch for the less serious quiz night, such as Easier Quiz Packs, Quiz Fortunes, Bingo Quizzes and SMELL QUIZZES!

Seasonal Quizzes
For those special times of the year, we have quizzes for Halloween, Christmas, The Oscars, St Patrick's Day, Burn's Night and so many more!

Scratch Cards
Great for fundraising, we have scratch cards for Football, Rugby, Horseracing, Cricket, Hockey and Golf.

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