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I've come to gather one or two people might be reading this tosh, on occasion. So I've decided to ask a favour of you. Please sign my on line petition, here. I shall be emailing Dave Cameron with the results.

The petition states :
The price of dirt cheap cheap supermarket lager is rising whatever anyone says. We believe government intervention and a Maximum price of 50p per unit will ensure a free English persons right to get as pissed as he/she likes for the princely cost of buttons!

A maximum price of alcohol will ensure a more socially cohesive society where pubs and bars are unable to charge high prices in the hope of keeping the chavs out. It will put the kybosh on expensive posh exclusive gaffs. It will not only protect cheap supermarket lout but ensure more pub based bargains of the type here, where Mudge discovered a boozer more than capable of flogging him a pint below 50p a unit. It will ensure boozing and getting pissed up remains affordable for all in society, regardless of wealth, social class or attitude. Further more it encourages the types of boozers that everyone is welcome in and no one feels stung by. It makes for an all round happier and shinier world. Don't be one of those beardies that say "At 2.90 it was very good value". Instead say "Why isn't the 99p a pint Spoons offer on all year round and offered by every boozer, and why aren't the cheap lout offers in Tesco on continually?"

Please sign, you know it makes sense.