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I've always has a soft spot for Brouerij 't Ij. At one time, they were one of the few breweries making interesting beer in the whole of the country. For a while, it was the only brewery in Amsterdam. Now it's just the oldest.

I've drunk their beer regularly all the thirty years that I've lived in Amsterdam. And their labels are good, too. Distinctive, and with an underlying design theme.

You've probably spotted the underlying egg theme. Ij sounds like "ei", the Dutch word for egg. Fun, slightly quirky labels. I really like them.

But when they introduced an IPA, they went with something very different in style.

I don't feel very comfortable with the image. It's also a pretty crap design and doesn't fit with the packaging of any of their other beers.

I've no idea why they came up with this label. It put me off trying the beer at first. Unfortunately. I quite like it. Should I keep buying it? Are my continuing purchases encouragement to keep the current design?