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This week I have chosen a beer I am not too fond of, in fact I think a pint may be too much.

I have drunk plenty of odd beers in my life but I think Tiny Rebel may have aced them all. Remember the controversy about Black IPAs. Well try and get your head round a pale black IPA. No a pale, black IPA. A black IPA that is pale. Yes, me too.

American hops, and smoked malt. As Tiny Rebel says about their Random Number Generator: 'its a contradiction in terms that contradicts itself in the glass', its a light beer that tastes dark. The opposite taste to a black IPA in fact. It is 4.8% so has a bit of body to support its weirdness.

There is very little else to say about it.

Should you wish to sample it, try the Sportsman, it should be on the bar there over the weekend