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With the enormous increase in the number of small breweries now bottling their output, mail order real ale has become a popular and convenient way to get your hands on great beer. One of the most recent businesses to set up locally in bottled beer distribution is Potter's Yorkshire Ales,and we have just received the following from them:

"Based in Thurstonland, Huddersfield we want to bring the brilliant Yorkshire ales from small independent breweries to a national audience. We are proud to stock Brass Monkey Bitter - exclusive in bottles to Potter's - and plan to expand our range in the coming months. Unlike some other online retailers, we wanted a less corporate and a more personal feel to the ale buying experience, so that it's less like filling a trolley at a hypermarket and more like popping in to a small Yorkshire Real Ale store."

To find out more or to sign up and start ordering in for the World Cup/Test Matches, please visit the website now.