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Well, it's upon us. A cellar literally bursting at the seems with beer, a kitchen fully stocked, and a couple of new staff which has helped ease the burden on the bar. Sadly still just two of us and a kp in the kitchen, so we've had to call time on the bar menu in the evening and just offer the restaurant menu. We've also changed our policy on children - none in past 7pm. It's just too busy and the last thing a waitress needs is little Georgie running into her legs...

There's a few things I wanted to blog about but haven't had time, but the next few blogs once these two weeks are over should be about:

Fast Cask
Beer Snobbery - My hackles really got raised by a recent comment on another blog about craft beers for the publican trade paper
The pub of the future

And, dare I say it, The Brewery moving along a bit!

See you in a couple of weeks