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Today's beer is a little different - in more ways than one. I first saw this as a keg beer and did not try it, but when I saw a cask version I thought it was time to try it. A what a surprise I got !

Brass Castle have been brewing since 2011, originally in Pocklington but then demand dictated they move premises and after a couple of moves have settled in a 200 cask per week brewery in the centre of Malton. They have a reputation for brewing interesting beers, all of which are vegan friendly.

However when I encountered 'Life's A Beach' it was not quite what I expected. It is described by the brewery as pina colada in a glass. I am not so sure about that, but it was a very fine beer. It is 3.6% unfined wheat ale, in the American style. The mix of hops includes Sorachi Ace, Mosaic and Citra, which guarantee a floral, fruity mix with plenty of tropical notes, which are accentuated by the addition of mango, pineapple and coconut.

I know it sounds weird but it works. The only drawback being that I found it in Calls Landing in Leeds, should I find it locally I will let you know.