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Imagine for a moment that Iím an actor. Iíve had some success, a couple of films, a few regular roles in TV. Iíve taken some time out to go and see an amateur dramatics performance like I do every few weeks, in fact I often perform in these shows myself. They are a regular bunch of people, they do a few shows a week and everyone is just there because they want to be and because they enjoy it. They put in time to rehearse, to write the script, to decorate the set, to advertise the performance and then to actually perform it, and they do all of this in their spare time. They donít earn any money from doing this but that doesnít matter, they like the interaction, they like the social side of things and this is what they want to do Ė itís their hobby. Now, Iím at the performance. Itís okay, a lot of people have put in a lot of effort, the set looks good, there are scene nice changes, lots of main characters, lots of dancing and singing, some rock songs, some classical, some ballet and some break dancing. Itís a performance based on variety and everyone has their own role within it and it comes together to perform a whole, and thatís whatís great about it. Sometimes they all perform really well, other times not quite so good, but this is dependent on a number of things - the audience, their personal life, someone hasnít shown up this week, some have got a speaking role in a TV show so they are distracted, whatever is extraneous to the actual performance (the performance that they are there doing for free because they enjoy doing it). Tonight itís not one of their best performances but you wouldnít know that unless youíve seen it at its very best when itís lively, bright, bold, interesting and varied. So Iím sitting there and Iím sensing a malaise. I check my watch, I look around, I see some smiling faces but I also see a few who are checking their watch, thinking about other things. Normally Iíd just sit there, maybe check my emails on my phone, read the paper, something like that, but not tonight. Tonight I cough loudly a couple of times and then jump up and rush onto the stage. I tell everyone to stop and look at me for a minute, Iíve got something to say, I tell them all, itís aimed at the actors and the audience. You see, I think you can do it better than this, I say, Iíd like you to try something new, maybe throw a few punches, start some fights, try and kiss the other guy, sing out of tune, try some different dance steps, run with it and see what happens, I donít mind what it is, just take a few risks. Iím a bit bored, you see, and I think you should be better. Watch me, I say, as I show them an example of what they could do differently, a little dance, a short monologue, a scissor-kick in that guyís nuts. Can you do that for me? I ask. Obviously you donít have to, itíd just, you know, be quite nice. Iíd appreciate it and I think the audience might too, do you agree with me audience? I tell them all of this and then I call Action, jump off the stage and wait for the performance to start again.

What do the actors do?