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There were just enough contributions*to make this difficult but we managed, after some barely simmering debate, to pick two winners.

Our favourite UK entry was from a new beer blogger, Tom Morphy, whose*post ‘The Ale in Wales: a*Welsh drinker’s look through the Good Beer Guide 2016’*offers a handy survey of territory we don’t know combined with some interesting commentary on CAMRA’s flagship annual publication. We’ll be in touch by email to sort out a delivery address for the bundle of goodies below. (Disclosure: some*of which were sent as samples.)

  • A Watney’s Red Barrel half-pint glass
  • A set of BrewDog posters, key-ring and stickers
  • A set of vintage beer mats from our collection
  • A copy of the Mikkeller home-brewing book
  • A rare edition of CAMRA’s glossy*magazine What’s Brewing*from 1981
  • The 1978*Good Beer Guide
  • A copy of the BFI DVD set*Roll Out the Barrel
  • A copy of Brew Britannia

* * *
Of the overseas entries, we most enjoyed Andreas Krenmair’s19th Century Brewing Methods in Germany and Austria’*which mined a couple of obscure texts for specific details on how beer was made in several important cities. Home-brewers might find prompts for some interesting experiments therein. We’ll be arranging a prize for*Andreas that doesn’t involve couriering a box to Berlin.
* * *
We said we weren’t going to do a round-up but what the heck: here are all the other posts of eligible length (1500 words+) posted to the hashtag on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who kept us company in this exercise especially given how*hectic this time of year can be.
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