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To continue the nautical theme, news is leaking from the States that Anchor has been sold.

It would appear one of the people involved some of you might have met at BrewDog's Equity for Punks launch in London, Keith Greggor, who made his name in the drinks industry with Skyy Vodka and has invested heavily in the Fraserburgh-based brewery.

The issue that is causing some ill-ease is not so much the news, because it would appear that there is a commitment from both Greggor & his partner Tony Foglio to stay true to boutique brands, but how it was leaked, as the lovely Jay Brooks points out on his blog here.

However, it is also reported that Fritz Maytag has been made Chairman Emeritus of Anchor Brewers & Distillers, which means the man with the vision is still involved in the business and will continue to be until he drops I would imagine.

Either way I didn't pick up on this story early enough to make any calls to the States but I will be emailing Greggor at my earliest available opportunity to see whether he'll make any comment.

All in all I wouldn't suggest it's time to launch the lifeboats yet but the bizarre way in which the news was released has understandably worried a lot of the American beer writing press and beer fans.