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Goose Eye are a well established brewery from the Keighley area of the county but their beers travel far and wide and can be found throughout the region. Generally they are light and well hopped, but they do brew dark beers which are equally as good.

To the best of my knowledge, they are a family firm, and the third generation is now working at the brewery. The core range brewed includes Barm Pot,(light and hoppy), Over & Stout (an excellent example of the type) ans Pommies Revenge (a strong bitter, with loads of flavour and very moreish).

Their strength seems to come from the amazing amount of specials they brew, many are very similar strengths at 4.2% and 4.3% but are invariably excellent.

The regular beers are fairly easy to find, but as you would expect, the specials are less so, but often appear on the bar at the Star and occasionally in Wetherspoons in the area.

Another brewery in the county well worth hunting out.