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It's been a while, and as with other bloggers it seems compulsory to apologise for that and fill everyone in. Firstly, the brewery has started moving along - the architect has been round to measure up, so I hope to have the drawings very shortly, and get the application for the roof sent off. To celebrate, I made up the crappy table that had been lying around without legs for a couple of years and formed the 'office'.

Now, the 'chair' was my better half's idea of a joke, but as it happens to be the right height it's staying put for the minute. The office also has plenty of natural light, at least until the roof gets built. The brewery also has doors now, although slightly drafty.

Also tied in with the progress of the brewery, it turns out Google gives you a free website for two years, obviously as long as nobody already has that domain name registered. So I'm happy to say that is now live, although I haven't had time to play with the templates and actually design it.

Back in the pub, due to a couple of staff shortages (on one day 3 members of staff let us down!) I've been finding myself looking after the kitchen more and more, which has tied me up a lot more than I expected.
Today we shut down the kitchen to knock down an annoyingly placed half-wall, which has now opened up the kitchen no end. Hopefully this will be a step to getting waiting times down during busy periods by giving the chefs more space to work with.

Night all,