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Well, that was one hell of an evening! It's National Cask Ale Week this week, and as with everything I've thrown as much into it as possible. Last night was the launch party, and I'd invited a couple of breweries to send a representative, the local Camra branch, and as many of the locals as possible. Obviously it was open to everyone who walked in as well. Whilst a slow start, by half past 8 the pub and snug were full, and we started.

Buster, the head-brewer and my brewing tutor spoke briefly about the Welsh brewing scene, followed by Peter Amor, the creator of Wye Valley brewery and indeed the Dorothy Goodbody's. Peter told a story about Dorothy Goodbody, written when the brand was first created as a promotion. I've been emailed all the stories by the lovely people at Wye Valley, and I'll be putting them up on here over the next few blog posts.

Thankfully the bar had had the last part of the refurb done, and so now looks a bit more how I had it in mind:

Before the lager taps were tall - just tall enough to cover your face if you were standing in the wrong place, ideal for mishearing and not seeing customers properly. Now they're low level, and although shiny don't look too out of place. We are looking at ways of boxing them in wood, so that the drip trays that sit on the bar, in front of the pumps look more in keeping.

The other thing we've had done, which was a pleasant surprise, was have another 3 handpumps installed (you can just see two of them in the bottom right corner). Although planned for later in the year, I didn't expect them to be in one plinth (I expected 3 separate pumps). 3 separate pumps wouldn't fit on the end of the bar. 3-in-1, so to speak, do. So now we offer 6 ales and 2 ciders!